How Important is ECA for Canada's Migration?

How Important is ECA for Canada's Migration?

Many of my immigrants try to immigrate to Canada. But what paper does it take? How do I do? These head swings. However, the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is an important factor in explaining educational eligibility in Canada. It is important to have an ECA for educational qualification from any educational institution in any country other than the Canadian educational institution.

The Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report is a document that describes your position in international education as a measure of Canadian educational ability.

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How Important is ECA for Canada's Migration

T Online Places in Which Touch Can Apply for Immigration to Canada:

-World Education Services (WES)
 -Comparative Education Service - University of provincial capital (CES)
-International papers Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS)
-International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
-International papers analysis Services (ICES)
-Medical Council of Canada (for doctors)
-Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (for pharmacists)
Each organization has its own ECA. So this evolution process is also different. The candidate must first decide which organization will be good for him. Generally, the rules for World Education Services (WES) are a little straightforward, since most candidates are evaluating from the WES. In addition, the timing of the evolution of WES takes less than that of other organizations.

Things to look for during an ECA application:
১. Select the correct report type when signing up for the account.
2. Delivery Type: Canada Post Standard Mail $ 7 or International Courier Service (UPS / TNT based on Country) Select $ 85. Standard mail is relatively slow and will not have a tracking number. So getting lost on the way has nothing to do. But notice, if you provide an electronic PDF version with a hard copy of the Evolution Report, no worries.
৩. Usually the Avaluation Organization sends a copy of the report directly to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). So it is not necessary to take additional report copy. Moreover, if additional copies are needed, they will be printed from the electronic PDF version.

৪. If you have more than one degree, include them in the same application for evolution. This will save both time and money. Remember that Immigration ECA and Higher Study ECA are both completely different. A copy of the ECA report on immigration will go directly to the IRCC. Therefore, Higher Study cannot be done with it.
The Immigration ECA only mentions your Aviation Level in the Canadian Standards. On the other hand, everything you read in the Higher Study ECA, the percentage score earned by it, refers to what you read through. The copy of the Higher Study ECA report is sent directly to or to the educational institution you specify.

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