Hacker poetry during the control of the link click!

Hacker poetry during the control of the link click!

We all know less about how ID can be hacked through phishing links. Where a hacker sends a phishing link that looks like a real social media account, it is actually a hacker's site.

If you enter the ID password here it goes to the hacker. But we do not know more than 98 percent of people what is really possible with a link. Today we will show you what can be done without just hacking the ID password.

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Hacker poetry during the control of the link click!

Social Media Account Hack

 We have always heard that a hacker has sent a link in messenger and when entering it, the password of Facebook or social media ID is given. And the information given to those links goes to the hacker. Hackers usually use free hosting to upload phishing scripts and get access to the ID through the link. It also hacks through various scripts in Linux.

Front camera hack

Many hackers using Kali Linux create a link that looks like a normal website but clicking on this link will allow the hacker to access your camera and take pictures of you continuously. It is possible to hack everything from the front camera to the phone or computer. You may not even realize once your phone or computer camera is now occupied by a hacker.

GPS Location Hack

Many sites using Linux can be created that it is possible to know the GPS location of the site by clicking Victim on that site link. Even at that moment it is possible to know whether he is walking or sitting in one place, all the device information, IP and all other information.

Phone details hack

Hackers can create links that can be sent to Victim with a domain name at will. Through which a hacker can take all the information of the phone including hacker's phone name, model, version, IP, phone RAM, ROM, screen size, IP provider, browser information. It shows how much danger can be caused by clicking a little forget.

Full phone access 

Hackers have some scripts that are used by Metasploit to create a fake software, PDF file or image file and send it to Victim. If this is what Victim once clicks, then the hacker may be infiltrated into the system completely. This allows hackers to remotely control everything from calls, messages, cameras to cameras.
So I realized that although it is very common to see a link to a website or to download a file, a hacker can grab all your information if you want.

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