Trump says Zuckerberg's 'no' to break Facebook

Trump says Zuckerberg's 'no' to break Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company, has been plagued with legal questions over the competition, digital privacy, censorship and transparency over political advertising throughout the year. Zuckerberg met with US President Donald Trump and several members of Congress. That's what the international media said.

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Trump says Zuckerberg's 'no' to break Facebook,

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump posted a picture of his meeting with Zuckerberg on Twitter. There, Trump was seen exchanging hands with Zuckerberg. In a caption of the film, Trump wrote - There was a great meeting with Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook at the Oval Office.

In a news release quoting reliable sources, AFP says US President Trump called on Zuckerberg to break into Facebook in an interview with the Oval Office. But Mark Zuckerberg also immediately rejected Trump's call. In an interview, a Facebook spokeswoman said Trump and Zuckerberg discussed future Internet controls and related issues.

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