Smoking cessation techniques

Smoking cessation techniques

For those who have been smoking for a long time, smoking is a daunting task. This is not impossible. Understanding the social and familial disadvantages that smoking can cause and the support that goes around is to quit smoking.

How to get rid of this addiction to smoking

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* Find out why you should quit smoking first. Everyone is different, so the important reason is to quit smoking. This could be keeping in mind the loss of your child and family or the physical benefits of quitting smoking. The clear goal is to give the most use for quitting smoking.

* Set the date of the day you quit smoking, it should not be more than 1 weeks because if you have more days you may change the date repeatedly. During these 7 days gradually reduce the amount of smoking. If you smoke too much these days thinking that you will never do it again, the day you quit smoking your mind will be bent.

* On the day you quit smoking, change your routine. That will be a new day that teaches you to be healthier, so take a stand. If you have a previous routine, you will go out for a walk, take your dog and have a cigarette before breakfast, then change this routine. That way, you will walk your dog and take a bath back home to relieve the heat.

* Write down or remember when you smoke. It may be after eating or at work breaks. When you remember when you are smoking, you can motivate your mind to do something else before that time comes.

* Share the smoking you quit with everyone. Sharing to family and friends will increase your responsibility and give them the opportunity to explain what you want from them, usually by wanting someone to not smoke in front of you. Encourage a friend to quit smoking with you. Everyone's support helps a lot in quitting smoking.

* Do something new and keep yourself busy. Something that physically stops you from smoking. Some examples might be swimming, yoga and social work.

* Reward yourself daily for not smoking. Depending on the money in a jar or bank of soil you spend every day for smoking. After a while you will see that there is so much money that you can buy sports or buy something for your physical comfort.

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